Sleeping With My Neighbor

Sleeping With My Neighbor

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ArcherQuinn By ArcherQuinn Updated Nov 19


Katastrophe messed up big time when some random guy from the mall came and claiming her to be the mother of his children and his Wife. She was with her long-time Boyfriend - Luke when that happened. It was their anniversary celebration. 

It was supposed to be a perfect day and she was planning to give her virginity to Luke at the end of the day but she ended up losing Luke and a breaking heart. Three months later, she found the guy. She wanted revenge and she'll do everything and anything just to get it. 

She'll make sure the guy will also be miserable like her. But how will she do that? Make the guy fall in love with her? Hmm. Is that possible? What if the guy is already madly in love with his Wife and happily married? Can her conscience take the thought of her being a relationship wrecker?

Shiitt.. bitin ha!  Pro I know exciting to.. because another NEIGHBORS SERIES nman.. keep it up always po..
candypompom candypompom Oct 18
Madame talagang ganyan sa wattpad;;( kunware painosente pero nang rreport......dont mind him .....tuloy mo plsss maganda ........