My Married Neighbor

My Married Neighbor

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She lost the love of her life. Then the next thing, she knew she lost her virginity with the same guy, who took her everything. He is a happy go lucky guy with full of pranks and never thought that one of his pranks will cause someone's lost.

She is miserable and in pain, still. She can't move on, it's not because she don't want to but because she don't know where and how to start moving on. 

Until that night came, she saw him again. Then right at that moment all she wanted is revenge for her breaking heart and her lost. 

Can her conscience take the thought of her, being a family wrecker? For stealing a man and a Husband to his Wife? Just for the sake of revenge.

Bacoke Bacoke Feb 24
Ooh we GOT a game of thrones fan here (hahahaha see what I did there)
llehcirymkoladnu llehcirymkoladnu Oct 01, 2016
Shiitt.. bitin ha!  Pro I know exciting to.. because another NEIGHBORS SERIES nman.. keep it up always po..
candypompom candypompom Oct 18, 2016
Madame talagang ganyan sa wattpad;;( kunware painosente pero nang rreport......dont mind him .....tuloy mo plsss maganda ........