Amberley Hall (A Harry Styles Short)

Amberley Hall (A Harry Styles Short)

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He is more myself
than I am.
Whatever our
souls are made of,
his and mine
are the same.

Emily Brontë 1846


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I love all the Brontës books but I have to admit I read Jane Eyre about once a year
PoisedPen PoisedPen Oct 02, 2016
Always my friend! Thank you for writing this and for continuing to share your gift with all of us. xx
dirtyyarn dirtyyarn Oct 09, 2016
You are a natural story teller; no amount of technical training can teach that. 💕
elean0rr1gby elean0rr1gby Oct 08, 2016
I'm shocked to read this, you definitely have a natural talent with words and I hope you can make a career of it. You, and all of your readers, deserve it!
PoisedPen PoisedPen Oct 05, 2016
@chanmapan I feel the same about you and agree with everything you said about our @LoveVincitOmnia wholeheartedly! 😍xx
StorytellerHaven StorytellerHaven Oct 02, 2016
No surprise here @PoisedPen, you inspire so many of us! Thank you for requesting the lovely @LoveVincitOmnia to pursue this! Thanks @LoveVincitOmnia for giving us another beautiful escape through your eyes...and heart! xxx