I Fell In Love With One Who Could Never Be Mine

I Fell In Love With One Who Could Never Be Mine

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Mystery&&Cerii By Mystic_Chaos Updated Jun 24, 2011

yes, this is one of those cliche teacher/student love stories....dont like it? try reading it first :}

Isabella has always hated her history teacher Mr. Miller. Even if he is a total stud. The new semester brings out challenges between the two. Is it love or hate? Isabella soon finds out that she is going to be forced to spend all her time with the hot, arrogant, and cocky Jeydon Miller. Will she pass history? Will they get away with this love of theirs? Who will get hurt in the end? What are going to be the consequences? 

Enjoy :D tell us what you thik :D


When are you writing part 3?!?!?! Loving this story haha made me laugh :D
It is good, I can tell you spent a lot of time, and the spellings were flawless. good start to the story. and I like the sarcasm and the bickering. 
                              well done
hey this is great! :D thanks for recommending it :) can you look at my story? there's only one chapter but please comment it's called Long Grey Fence. I've done poems as well they're on my profile :) thanks so much if you do x
                              and seriously this is really good! upload more soon k? x
XxwitoxX XxwitoxX Jan 07, 2011 08:20PM
*smiles this is awsome!! Continue please! I love Sara shes funny :)