Nothing Was The Same | Drake love story

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What happens when two lost souls find each other? What happens when Jazmine runs? Did Drake and Jasmine meet by fate? How will things turn out? When you find out NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME! ©COPYRIGHT 2013 Msfanfictional.
Honey all it takes is one time.... and you forgiving him makes him makes him think he's in control
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She Not That Dumb, At Least Have The Nigga Drop Yhu 3 Blocks Back Cause Now He Really Gone Fuck Yhu Up
I really like it. It's so different from the books I usually read but in a good way lol
So lemme get this straight, she ran away from an abusive boyfriend to get hit by a car and go back to him? Makes NO sense
she went to neverland like really nigga thats a stupid question
@osnapitzsewa lol its a compliment it's not like he said "oooo I'm finna fuq her right now"