Complete Opposites (Andy Biersacks sister)

Complete Opposites (Andy Biersacks sister)

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"Andy, your taking your sister and that's final." My mom said to me crossing her arms and staring at me. 

"Why does she have to go with me so bad?" I asked annoyed. 

"Your sister needs to go out, find some new things to do besides stay in her room and write in her journal." My dad said stepping next to me. 

"Ugh! Fine.. I guess she could come.." I sighed. 

"Thank you Andrew." My mom said waking up to me and kissing my cheek. 






ScorchSurvivors ScorchSurvivors Nov 13, 2017
um. I think I've read this before but eh it was so good I'mma read it again
Ann_BVB_Gaskarth Ann_BVB_Gaskarth Nov 15, 2017
Purdy boy. I swear i read and hear this so much and i die laughing everytime cause instead of thinking of a normal ashley i think of him dressed in pink acting like a bitchy queen😂😂😂😂
EvaBlack2515 EvaBlack2515 Aug 02, 2016
this isnt good like the book is but my imagination is runnig wild thats never good
JohannaAllen0 JohannaAllen0 Jul 18, 2015
You should name it Opposites Attract. That would be good
MissKaterina MissKaterina Dec 09, 2013
Yes you should definitely do a sequel and what about The Carlisle Twins