Mysterious Love {Discontinued}

Mysterious Love {Discontinued}

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The Undertaker By ThatShipperPanda Updated Apr 08

Y/N just transferred to Mystic Highschool because her mom got a new job at a rich company. Today she starts her first day.

Y/N journeys through love, friendship, and betrayal.

I do not own any characters, only Park Hwayoung, all characters go to Cheritz.

Movie-don't have one
                              Anime-Look at my acc cuz I have lots
                              TV-Gravity falls
Why did I just read that at 707. My brain has been hacked :3
I'm at the 10th day on Zens route,Looking for a good Ending!
I sit at the back of the class because I don't won't ending body brother me!😀
I am really trying not to get the bad ending on Seven's route(3rd Attempt ; - ;)
-GalaxySearcher- -GalaxySearcher- Dec 29, 2016
I'm finishing up Zens! I've finished Yoosung's good ending already^^