Mystic Highschool {A Mystic Messenger Story}

Mystic Highschool {A Mystic Messenger Story}

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SixZeroSix By ThatShipperPanda Updated a day ago

Y/N just transferred to Mystic Highschool because her mom got a new job at a rich company. Today she starts her first day.

Y/N journeys through love, friendship, and betrayal.

I do not own any characters, only Park Hwayoung, all characters go to Cheritz.

Bunny9849 Bunny9849 3 days ago
This description is oddly familiar..
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X_Gravity_Falls_X X_Gravity_Falls_X 3 days ago
trying to get jaehee's again, got a bad ending last time -_-
I'm on Yoosung's route, then im going to do Jaehee's I think then Jumin. I might go back and play Zen or Seven's again
AquaAdoresSweets AquaAdoresSweets 10 hours ago
I laughed when you said (every anime character ever) XDD It's so true tho!
@EternallyFallen I'm going to play ZENs route soon ^^ then I'm going to Jumins route, I already know Yoosungs route so I'm not going to play his and tbh I don't really like Yoosung, But good luck on Jaehee XD
AnimeGirl4Lyfe AnimeGirl4Lyfe 5 days ago
I'm on Zen's route! 😍😍😍 He's narcissistic, but really sweet!