It's Loud (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children)

It's Loud (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children)

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smartravenclaws By smartravenclaws Updated Jun 18, 2017

Everything is always loud for me. I can't tell other people's thoughts from their voice. You probably haven't heard of me. I'm a Peculiar

Taylor lives at the home run by Miss Peregrine with all the other children. She is quite anti-social, and sleeps alone, despite Miss P's protests. She also love's her Boyfriend Millard, the invisible boy. It's a difficult relationship that is sitting on the edge of a cliff, but they make it work.

That is until a boy called Jacob Portman comes and everything changes.

More description in Prologue 
All characters apart from Taylor belong to Ransom Riggs
Involves spoilers
This book is a mix of the original book and the 2016 movie. 

This Magnificent Cover was made by @11ShadesOfLiz

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ThatEmoKidXD ThatEmoKidXD Jun 14, 2017
You know that's funny because Mrs. peregrine is a bird and shemtook her under her wing
JayKatti25 JayKatti25 Jan 31, 2017
Just so you know, emma's peculiarity is actually air and she's the blonde. Olive is the red head and hers is fire.
grenouille_ grenouille_ Nov 24, 2016
You said that you read minds, then in later ones you correct them and say you hear them?? I'm confused??
ReconCloak ReconCloak Dec 12, 2016
Just saying if your making the plot like me the movie it's wrong and in the book olive can fly and Emma can control fire
ChasingMissfortune ChasingMissfortune Oct 03, 2016
i love how you said based on the book, but did something huge that only the movie did.
ninysavanna123 ninysavanna123 Oct 17, 2016
Wait wait wait you said your going off of the book and Oliver can fly and emmaly can make fire