Work With Me-Sequel to The Demon and the Doughboy

Work With Me-Sequel to The Demon and the Doughboy

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BBWolfCakez By BBWolfCakez Updated Nov 19, 2016


People have asked for it, and, since it did so well--I figured, of course! Why not? So, I finally bring to you, this story! Don't worry about my sleeping schedule with this one! I have enthusiasm!

So, where we last left off, Dolan and Hellbent were off with a small babysitting gig. Now, they're at their own studio, recording factual videos and simply doing what they love. They even have more cast and crew to go alongside them. Even though Hellbent is susceptible to occasional panic attacks (from his past), Dolan is right there by his side to be there for him, and vice-versa with the support. So, with all of that, there's no way anyone would ever have anything against their bubble they've constructed, right?

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Yaksharakshasashura Yaksharakshasashura Sep 26, 2016
I can't read it. Something is not working properly with the second chapter! IT HURTS HELP ME!
Hahaha hahahah ha it's true though I did that once then I finally  said it then I had the last laugh