Living Under One Roof (DraMione)

Living Under One Roof (DraMione)

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⚠Before you proceed, please be reminded that..⚠ 
I am not a native English speaker so bare with my narration, grammar, etc.
This story is matured for language and dark themes only.
I don't own Harry Potter, all rights belongs to J.K Rowling.

Draco Malfoy was aiming to be a healer in St. Mungos, but in able to get his certification as a legit healer he need to have a six months training.

Hermione Granger had a severe emotional break down due to previous war and  from the abandonment of her boyfriend Ronald Weasley. She was living in a muggle community on her own with a weapon in her pocket everywhere she goes. 

What will happen if Draco's task was to made Hermione Granger come back to her original state and persuade her to return to the wizarding world? But to do this, he need to live in her house for six months.. Is this the start of the third wizarding war? Or an unexpected feelings will develop? 

But something will happen that might change some of their view, the Dark Lord will be resurrected that will mark for another chaos on the life of Hermione and the rest of the members of the Order, Even Draco Malfoy will be forced to join the alliance once more in order for his remaining love ones to survive..


| Some Death Eaters still Alive |
| Characters' Death |
| Dark Themes |
| Mature |

For future reference the word would be catch  not hunt if she doesn't eat them
If you saw the muggles at my school you would take that back
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                              I can imagine this one. Owaaaa! Ang cool basahin. Swear! ✌👏
I can't accept that Hermione is in this situation even though it's a only a series