Bunking With The Bad Boy

Bunking With The Bad Boy

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josh dun is josh fun By VoldiesLilWhhoreCrux Updated Dec 15, 2016

Olivia Jenkins is your average girl. Except for the fact that she's very clumsy and shy. She's beautiful and doesn't have a clue, and re-read the Harry Potter series at least 1000 times. 

She might also have a slight eating problem, and believes her thighs are to fat.

Okay, maybe Olivia Jenkins isn't your average girl, but Everest Mane isn't your average boy either.

Everest Mane is your average bad boy. Except for the fact that he has a 98 average and doesn't like to associate himself with the female species. Nor does he like violence...okay well maybe he does.

What happens when both their parents go on vacation together, leaving Olivia Bunking With The Bad Boy.

Did I mention it's for a month?

joyceh154 joyceh154 Oct 28, 2016
Please don't tell me I have to eventually learn that someday....
EmpressKarmaOnWattie EmpressKarmaOnWattie Dec 06, 2016
Guess who's re-reading that book for the hundred time right now?