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(Amedot) We've Been Caught (Book 2/3)

(Amedot) We've Been Caught (Book 2/3)

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((Pen)) I have Crippling Depression! By Why_NOT_Ship_Amedot Completed

  (After the events of Camp Pining Gems, you might want to read that first...) 
    The camping trip that was supposed to be amazing fun and cheer turned out to be an absolutely HORRIBLE, and unhealthy disaster, it wound up messing up the mental state of Amethyst, Peridot, and even Lapis. And was so disspointting to all. 
Most terrifying thing of all, the secret that Peridot and Amethyst swore to keep their, well, secret, is accidently discovered by the one and only, Lapis Lazuli living on earth, and Peridot and Amethyst don't know how to cope with the shock and worry of their personal secret spreading across the planet.
  Amethyst is taking it quite smoothly, trying to brush it off and not worry, in MAJOR contest to Peridot, who lets her emotions, hidden insecurities, and her unhealthy feelings for herself and her past, take her mind and body over, making her unpredictable and unstable mentality. And things only get worse and worse and worse for everyone, escpecially the poor, poor little Green Gem.

(I drew the cover.)
  ( Parts 16-20  were part of the 'B-day bomb' (A bomb a parts uploaded on November 8th, my Birthday,)

Why_NOT_Ship_Amedot Why_NOT_Ship_Amedot Oct 06, 2016
Yay new story XD if you saw the spoiler I put up a while ago in my rant book your wait is finally over :3
OJuiceless OJuiceless Oct 06, 2016
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss omg I love your books SOOOOOOOO much😍😍😍