My Artbook 3.0

My Artbook 3.0

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Just call me Creepy By Creepy_The_Wolf Updated Nov 27

"Oh crap, she's back at it again!"

Oh yes yes I am ēwē
Welcome to yet another art book! Three in a row? Oh god, so much madness..

Well, as you may expect, you'll mainly find art (mine unless stated otherwise) writing every once in a while, original characters (ocs), bad jokes, great people and much more!

So if you're ready for yet another book, hop on and tie your seat belt, 'cause we're in for a hell of a ride!


Oh gosh, I really love this, just the way you drew the ears and the snout like the animal crossing wolves so accurately..
It is getting cold in canada ;.;
                              *attempts to steal*
I'm gonna try and vote on all the chapters, though it never really works XD
SoulEata999 SoulEata999 Sep 25
Reminds me of Underfell if he was a wolf lol
                              And hey! I have animal crossing new leaf too!!!
-Toxic- -Toxic- Sep 24
I need to take a break from my art assignment so I can draw you a celebration of this blessing XD
ChronaLilly ChronaLilly Sep 25
that sweater look familiar to anyone?
                              >inb4 sans
                              actually i was thinking samekichi from wadanohara and the deep blue sea which no one but me knows about rip