everything has changed (sequel to afraid of my hero) ✅

everything has changed (sequel to afraid of my hero) ✅

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here's the summery to this story: it's one year later Riley is 17, Alyssa is 16, and maya is 18. Riley and Alyssa already had the babies. the boys are already out of Juve, but the thing is, the girls don't know that. they think their still in Juve. the boys don't know Alyssa and Riley were pregnant and they don't know they have kids. 

this story will be filled with drama, lies, secrets, betrayal, surprises, and a lot more. 

like I always say "just read it and give it a shot, and sorry if it sucks

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  • change
  • dangerous
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  • farkleminkus
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  • gmw
  • hart
  • lies
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  • mathews
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  • melody
  • minkus
  • pregnancy
  • rileymatthews
  • rucas
  • secrets
  • suprise
  • zaya

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