Sold To The Highest Bidder

Sold To The Highest Bidder

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Shaneeka Barnett By ShaneekaBarnett Updated Apr 01

...A slave, used and beaten. Sylvia Czech had to please men with her body against her own will. She was a prized possession in the Welsworth company, this company was big and sells many slaves to rich and perverted men. 

Sylvia was a rare beauty with her very long dark hair, slender frame. She had skin like snow which has often signs of bruises. Her deep serene green eyes often captured the hearts of many males who couldn't afford her. The boss who earn more than a million dollars at the service of Sylvia.

Until the company got into some business problems and needed money, therefore placed Sylvia on the market for bidding.

She would be sold to the highest bidder ever, this alone can save the company from going out of business, not the best Sylvia wanted but to get away from being a sex slave.. she longed for that.

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CrumbledCookie- CrumbledCookie- Oct 04, 2016
Not to be fked up but i feel like she could crawl like she was having a seizure & those freaks would still want her
The-baroness-of-fear The-baroness-of-fear Oct 10, 2016
I quite enjoyed the read, actually. :D Very well described as well. ;D
NinaAndale NinaAndale Oct 01, 2016
Not really a fan of these kind of stories because they're cliché af 😅 you're a slave, got bought by a handsome rich guy and then fell in love with each other.. Not my cup of tea but hey, at least you can write. I'll give it a try
- - Oct 11, 2016
Oh now its stuck im hy head...  I HEEAARDDD THAAAT YOUR MARRIIEDDD NOOOOWW U FOUND... ahem anyways
Vonnaray Vonnaray Sep 28, 2016
Just make the story more slow paced that's all otherwise I like it
lexis049 lexis049 Oct 02, 2016
I read a similar story like this before...
                              But I love the story plot very interesting