The Consulting Detective's Apprentice (Sherlock x Reader)

The Consulting Detective's Apprentice (Sherlock x Reader)

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Aromantic Monarch By CharismaticSociopath Completed

When Sherlock goes off to solve another case for Scotland Yard, he doesn't expect to be greeted by a new member of the forensics team that shows serious promise of being more than an idiot. She just needs a nudge in the right direction.

You are going to be his apprentice, and he'll teach you the art of being a genius. What he didn't anticipate is that you're going him to teach him a lot too, but on a different kind of subject...

This is a work written by AspiringHuntressWhoGetsKilled on Archive of our Own. I brought the story to Wattpad so everyone on here could read it, too. :) This story is not mine- so if you vote on it here, I'm sure she would appreciate it if you went and gave her kudos on AO3. 


Spoonful_Of_Stars Spoonful_Of_Stars Dec 08, 2016
@CharismaticSociopath Do you have Kik? You seem really cool and I'd love to be friends
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@CharismaticSociopath Can I just skip it? Is there anything important in that chapter??
SnowxFlake14 SnowxFlake14 5 days ago
Or shove you in the boot of her car at gunpoint if you let go of yourself
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NOT TRUE!!! you're Sherlock story is my favorite Sherlock story!!!!!