The Consulting Detective's Apprentice (Sherlock x Reader)

The Consulting Detective's Apprentice (Sherlock x Reader)

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When Sherlock goes off to solve another case for Scotland Yard, he doesn't expect to be greeted by a new member of the forensics team that shows serious promise of being more than an idiot. She just needs a nudge in the right direction.

You are going to be his apprentice, and he'll teach you the art of being a genius. What he didn't anticipate is that you're going him to teach him a lot too, but on a different kind of subject...

This is a work written by AspiringHuntressWhoGetsKilled on Archive of our Own. I brought the story to Wattpad so everyone on here could read it, too. :) This story is not mine- so if you vote on it here, I'm sure she would appreciate it if you went and gave her kudos on AO3. 


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XcrazywriterXD XcrazywriterXD May 04, 2017
If The doctor has atack eyebrows than sherlock has war cheekbones tbh
XcrazywriterXD XcrazywriterXD May 04, 2017
I actually think Greggo lestrudel is just a bit insecure about his case solving capabillities  because it's like he's always being compared to sherls so as soon as it gets complicated he's like better let sherlock do it because i always get it all wrong....
                              That's actually quite depressing
SnowxFlake14 SnowxFlake14 Mar 21, 2017
rugt123 rugt123 Oct 29, 2017
How is it 'my' point of view if it's still in third point of view???
SnowxFlake14 SnowxFlake14 Oct 01, 2017
Yes, screwing up is Anderson's job. And the only one hes good at.
XcrazywriterXD XcrazywriterXD May 04, 2017
"Everything is conected" if anyone gets that they'll get free cookies