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Paranormal and Supernatural By Paranormal Completed

ParanormalCommunity is hosting a magazine for Halloween!
...or do I mean #WATTOWEEN . 
Come read stories and poems gathered from the Collective of the Wattpad Paranormal Research Society, along with featured columns:
*HORRORscopes for October!
* Dressed to KILL! (Fashion)
* GORE-met treats! (Paranormal Snacktivity at its finest~!)
* Ghoulish Advice! (Your #1 source of bad advice from #2!)
* DEADlines: Writing Advice!

We also have an exclusive interview with @FRIGHT !


Cover by @seventhstar

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carlifornication carlifornication Apr 09, 2017
Reply to this if you are reading this in April. Or born on Halloween :) ;) :D
WattVampires WattVampires Oct 01, 2016
Every single night is Halloween if you know how to work it in! We are psyched about this!
FinnyH FinnyH Oct 22, 2016
I was already feeling the hype by mid-August! I wish I was kidding. xD My Halloween decorations have already been up four days and it's only the 22nd. Not even ashamed.
storytellers-saloon storytellers-saloon Oct 08, 2016
Thank you for putting this together. You're cover is fantastic.
TheMonthlyWatt TheMonthlyWatt Oct 21, 2016
Once I'm done I will send you the direct link to our article.  I hope you like it.
FinnyH FinnyH Oct 22, 2016
This. Yes. 
                              I think they stick Christmas in there as well but idk.