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Forever My First (HSMF Sequel) Completed

Forever My First (HSMF Sequel) Completed

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D.Higgs By TheeAuthorette Completed

Moriah Carter & Will Graham are the most popular boys in the 12th grade at Stanley High School. They have girls begging for a piece of them, wanting to be their girls but some are just on them because their parents is basketball player Messiah Carter and former model Achaia Styles-Carter. But being like his dad Moriah is not looking for a relationship and wants to get into anything he could, he's funny and handsome and those quality's has Egypt drawn in.

Egypt life was going great until her mom forced her to go to Stanley High School, somewhere Egypt considers the "Ghetto". She doesn't understand why she's being punish...just because her dad is an actor and they have money people consider her 'Stuck Up' but she just don't associate with people that's not on her level. It wasn't until her 'Friends' started judging her for wanting to be around the people at her new school that she got what her mom was trying to teach her then her and Moriah became friend which made going to her new school even better...Would she subdue her crush on him and just be his friend or will their friendship turn into more??

Will is a lot different from Moriah because he's a relationship kind of guy and he loves his  girlfriend Sade but wanting to be a player like Moriah always tempts into doing things that messes up his relationship with Sade. He is grateful that Achaia and Messiah told him in as their son but he is becoming real distant to them because he hanging out with the wrong crowd and is becoming rebellious. How will his 'Parents' act when they find out about him being a rebel??

AbrianinParidise AbrianinParidise May 17, 2016
Calm before the storm. When a mom says something calmly in an argument, you know to shut up
Heygirllhey Heygirllhey Apr 30, 2016
Secret Admirer ... I've been watching you! At night, I think of you .... Lmao but fr, she a lil weird if she gotta ceiling picture of him and everything.
_blinds _blinds May 08, 2016
I don't see the first book I only see the sequel I can't find the original one to the series
shakhalia shakhalia Sep 11, 2016
Am I the only one who finds her having a pick of him on her ceiling creepy?
Yung_JoJo Yung_JoJo Jul 06, 2016
Ok weird that you have a picture of him on ur ceiling. How'd u get a pic and blow up yo dat size? Ur fam ok wit dat pic?
Yung_JoJo Yung_JoJo Jul 06, 2016
She a modern mom so she knows he is gonna have sex and so she really cant do much but make sure he is protected