Fuck you, Alpha.

Fuck you, Alpha.

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Avianna is an Alpha's daughter, but there's a catch. She's a hybrid and known to all supernatural creatures and humans. To humans, she's the most wanted criminal. Someone to never mess with, or they know something bad is bound to happen with her. Nothing compared to the supernaturals, though. Supernaturals see her as completely insane and ruthless. She cares for a tiny bit of people. Impossible to kill, Avianna has a bunch of people who are trying to kill her, or kidnap her for power. She's considered the strongest shewolf, so a lot of Alpha's want her for more power. All except for Abel Feltz.

Abel Feltz, the strongest Alpha in the world. The most feared, and ruthless. He sends shivers down anyone's spine. What happens when Avianna is his mate? Will he stop his cruel ways, or keep being a cruel, merciless Alpha?

Keep in mind this is my first story, a rough draft if you will. After this book I will rewrite a better version of it. cx

  • alpha
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  • cold
  • demon
  • fighter
  • hybrid
  • love
  • luna
  • marking
  • mate
  • matebond
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  • paranormal
  • romance
  • vampire
  • violence
  • witch
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