Alpha's babysitter (HIATUS)

Alpha's babysitter (HIATUS)

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Zaylin Silver By sweetiezee Updated Oct 08, 2016

Leah Evens, a beautiful, shy, kind, loving and caring twenty-one year old human girl dressed in a black three quarter sleeves dress that falls on to her knees and tears running down her cheeks from her hazel eyes as she watches her father's coffin slowly being sent to the ground. Her brown hair falling to her face as its moved with the wind, she did not bother pushing it away as one thought registers in her mind. I'm an orphan and how she wishes that would be last of her problems but fate has another plan for her.

Alpha Michael King is the most powerful, ruthless, vicious, arrogant, cruel, heartless and an evil monster; the only emotion he knew is hatred and rage. He is a true nightmare to anyone who meets him. He has the largest territory in all of America and is feared by werewolves , vampires and humans alike. Michael hates humans; they are just week creatures that are taking up important space!

One push of fate, one wrong decision, one mistaken turn and you have yourself a young human girl inside the house of the most powerful werewolf alive working as a baby sitter to his beloved daughter, Annabel. Just what is the universe up to?

What happens when this week human, Leah Even's, turns out to be Michael King, the strongest alpha of all time, soul mate?  Will he reject her?

Surely fate has an odd sense of humor, Michael and Leah are like water and oil! They can never get along!

What is Leah running away from? 

Read "Alpha's babysitter" to find out.

P.S. This is my first fantasy fiction story. Hope you like it

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super-bookworm super-bookworm Apr 11, 2017
So...because she doesn't know of something that is purposely hid from her as well as most of the human population, she's stupid...? I'm beginning to question your IQ level
sazidakhanom sazidakhanom Jan 09, 2017
Wow and  fab first chapter 👍keep on writing you are doing great 👏👏👏
ShaydeRevelle ShaydeRevelle Jan 09, 2017
Lol, she wouldn't understand the significance of a rejection anyway xD
loleata loleata Jan 10, 2017
Now, I don'r know who Kraven is but I'm guessing he's the bad guy, it's ironic since a 'craven' means someone who is a coward.
the-solar-queen the-solar-queen Oct 04, 2016
If you're talking in present tense, you must switch the word ''could' with 'can' and 'ran' with 'run'  and 'dragged' with 'dragging' etc
ritastark ritastark Oct 12, 2016
Omg I've seen many mansions in stories like this but this one is BY far the best one