Seaweed and Wise♥Never letting go

Seaweed and Wise♥Never letting go

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Vendy Marie By WiseGirlW Updated 6 days ago

Simply the life of your beloved demigods as they go through some casual and special stuff :)

This story takes Percy and Annabeth, along with their friends, through highschool, college, those gap years you travel around, adult life and parenthood. 
Each chapter talks about no less than what I desire for that couple, and I always wished them The Best.

Spoilery description: Poseidon did something reckless, threw the responsibility on Percabeth, Percabeth accepted it like the champs they are and adopted Percy's demigod baby sister. The ende. I always thought about this thing as a cool twist for their story and so I made it happen

Non spoilery again:
The story continues right after the last HOO book, and I mean super right after. I don't own Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Clarisse... You can figure who's mine and who's Rick's. There are some jumps to their FUTURE which I just love.

This is my base fanfiction, love this to the death XD It's mostly about Percy and Annabeth, obviously, but the other couples are in it too. 
Tratie's story is on so go read it if you like that couple as much as I do!

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