Mend My Broken Heart ©.  (Boyxboy) (Mpreg)(LBGT)

Mend My Broken Heart ©. (Boyxboy) (Mpreg)(LBGT)

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Blu_Butterfli By Blu_Butterfli Completed

Ryder exiled from his pack and rejected by his mate after his mate got what he wanted. After becoming ill Ryder is shocked to discover why. What will happen when he returns to his old pack? (This is really short but I'm trying for a longer story next time.)

    I like it. I hope he doesn't let let what's his name see the child.
    Tazzle001 Tazzle001 Aug 04
    It's a good start. I like that there's a pack with beach houses. I wanna join too. I was wondering if the alpha or luna detected that he might be with child? Do they know why he left his pack?
    Tyler_Lockhart Tyler_Lockhart Jul 06, 2016
    Hey are me and Callum brothers?! I mean look at the names, like seriously wow. Ok well time to read the rest of this book
    anonymy anonymy Mar 20, 2016
    Seems promising....
                                  I writing my very first story and it's also werewolf based, I hope someone gives time to read it. 
                                  I'd appreciate that.
    Rosekiss360 Rosekiss360 Jul 26, 2016
    Damn ....first chapter and I already have someone on my hit list *writes down name takes out gun*
    0304StudCandy 0304StudCandy Dec 25, 2015
    Everyone's got their hearts broken when they read this because it's really terrible, but how does Callum know Ryder's middle name?