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Harry Potter RolePlay

Harry Potter RolePlay

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Bisexual Lil' Bish By _jaynation Updated Mar 10

Da title

Name: Briar lily potter (called briar by friends)
                              Age: Ginny's year
                              House: Gryffindor
                              Family: .....harry......
                              Looks: curly black hair and green eyes
                              Personality: kind,protective,smart,funny
                              No crush
                              Other: little sister of harry
AriAriAriWasHere AriAriAriWasHere Nov 05, 2016
Full Name: Hailey Granger
                              Age: 11
                              House: Gryffindor 
                              Family: The Grangers 
                              Crush: Ron
                              Best friends: The trio, Neville, Weasley twins
                              Looks: Long blonde hair with caramel eyes. Freckles
                              Personality: Shy, clumsy, introverted etc.
PLMOKY__not_online PLMOKY__not_online Nov 27, 2016
Name- Tereana Johnson. Goes by TJ 
                              House- Ravenclaw
                              Family- None
                              Crush- Gene
                              Best friend- Aaron 
                              Personality- nice, funny, smart, nerd, bookworm, short temper, stressed easily
                              Other- she has a dark past, tries to avoid the topic, she's a wolf hybrid.
kit-cat0126 kit-cat0126 Feb 16
Severiana Marie kiota
                              Same as Draco
                              Draco is her only friend since she is anti social 
                              I'll tag
                              She is cold hearted and anti social 
                              She cuts and is depressed
UndertaleAnimeLover UndertaleAnimeLover Nov 01, 2016
Full Name: Anise Diggory
                              Age: 11
                              House: Hufflepuff
                              Family: The Diggorys
                              Crush: Draco
                              Best Friends: The Trio, Neville, The Weaslys, Cedric
                              Looks: Blue hair and eyes, lightly tan skin, blue converse, blue and white shirt and jeggings
                              Personality: Funny, Social, Kind, Smart, determined, Adventurous
                              Name: Vicky Potter
                              Age: 13
                              House: Ravenclaw 
                              Family: Harry
                              Crush: Travis and Ron
                              Best Friends: Hermione, Luna
                              Looks: Hair is mostly braided, chocolate eyes, slim body, slightly tan skin, brown hair. 
                              Personality: Clever, funny, outgoing, talkative, Kind, Caring