RWBY X Emotionless/Suicidal Male Reader

RWBY X Emotionless/Suicidal Male Reader

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LUX By The-Fandom-Will-Rise Updated Nov 05, 2016

You Reader is The Snake God where you use a scythe to a bow and the Bow shoots venom which poisons the enemy about 30 seconds. Also you where abandoned by your parents while you have your big brother to take care of you.

Soon your big brother got killed from White Fang which made you emotionless and didn't smile after that. Then you been saved by Aj and Kyo who is from White Fang but quit just to be with you.(Aj is a boy and Kyo is a girl)

But, first you must go to Beacon where huntsmen/woman fight Grimm and The White Fang. How will he survive with a bunch of girls without trying to kill himself.

3rd Story Made (for fun)

SuicideMouse2017 SuicideMouse2017 5 days ago
If you were to add another person with an A in their first game my team would be called Team Baka.
They call me snake cuz im about to slide in dem dm's......that sounded better in my head...