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Daddy By K00ki_Monster Updated Oct 15, 2016

Omertà: to take a vow of silence in the Mafia, punishable by death if not upheld.

Around the globe, everyone who's anyone has heard of the SoulEaters. With over a thousand arrests, several drug busts, and even as far as domestic terrorist attacks, for a period of time the people of America lived in a constant state of  fear. Until finally, the capo di tutti capo was caught. In 1997, Maemi Tanks, leader of the SoulEaters was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. After her departure, many tried to take her place but inevitably failed. So after ten years of success, the empire fell. Two decades later and Maemi is released after new evidence in the case proved her to be 'innocent'. Slowly but surely the gang is getting back together with hundreds of fresh meat who think they can handle the lifestyle. With a new major head in Philadelphia to expand the fallen empire, people on the east coast are revelling in the chance to prove themselves, and to be as great as the original SoulEaters ...

Skye-m Skye-m Sep 28, 2016
Talking about romance when my characters get 0 romance and be watchin everyone fall in love
TheSpadeQueen_RPS TheSpadeQueen_RPS Sep 25, 2016
So, Daniel and Angel were both totally the reason Mimi is out of prison.  Along with Freddy and Claire, who is now an official Soul Eater and still works with the FBI (how, idk!). So~~~~~ Yep, you don't get a choice. How old would Crystal be? She's one of my favorite characters
TheSpadeQueen_RPS TheSpadeQueen_RPS Sep 25, 2016
The ships that were in the original still stand, right?
                              So, like, Maegel is stil a thing. Right? xD