The Last Train  || 707

The Last Train || 707

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Hanakoツ By BROKENPERSON007 Updated Dec 27, 2017

"...How could somebody remake their life? Can the rotten scars, the old fears and regrets be erased? How can somebody love again, when it is self-consumed, like a used, outworn piece of cloth, that can't be worn again? Could there be a last train left, waiting to be taken, on a road to happiness and hopes?..."

~could contain spoilers from 707's route
~hard language/possible smut

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My checklist:
                              Spoiled: Yes
                              Sucidical: Yes
                              Stupid: No, but obvious
                              Abused: Only emotionally, which is just as damaging
mirabilis_jo mirabilis_jo Nov 17, 2016
I'm curious to know. 🤔 Why did you make Seven such a jerk? I mean is this how you see him? Banging randomly and acting arrogantly towards everyone?
CupcakeNyas CupcakeNyas Oct 02, 2016
And I'm addicted already. You have a wonderful way with words. More people should give this a shot even if it's only this so far. I'll tell my other friends who also play MysMes to check this out. ^^
estrellita7302 estrellita7302 Feb 05, 2017
Oooooh, I'm already hooked! Can't wait to see what happens! I also like how your very descriptive.🦄
Denograde Denograde Oct 05
Okay, that was major level TMI, and that's coming from me, Saeyoung Choi