Sucker For Pain "Bellamy Blake"

Sucker For Pain "Bellamy Blake"

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Mrs. Blake By whatever-blake-wants Updated Jan 01

She was perfect example of the mystery. When they had locked her up in the skybox with the other delinquents, no one knew anything about her. They had no idea why she ended up there, who she was, what station she came from, what was her age or her name. So they gave her a nickname. Harley Quinn. Why? Because she resembled the character so much. She was crazy, skilled and confident. But most of all, she was uncontrollable psychopath. Or at least everyone thought so. Some of them feared her, some of them wanted to get rid of her, but she managed to survive on her own. Even if she had to do things she would never done willingly.

Has she always been like that??

What had turned her into that person??
You will have to find out.

Is there a chance for her to be happy??
Yes, but she will have to fight for it.

Who will help her with that??
Certain freckled rebel with brown eyes.

Now, by some miracle, they survived landing on the Earth, but it wouldn't be that easy. She will have to keep fighting for her life, but suddenly she will find herself in the situations, where she will have to fight for the others. 

Extended summary inside.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, not the storyline, not the characters. All rights go to the creators of the 100. I own only my character Victoria Porter and certain plots.

Note: Since I really don't want to just rewrite the same plot, there will be a lot of original plots.

I will try to update once or twice a week. Currently slow updates.

(Previously named: Uncontrollable Mystery)

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