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Claiming His Prize

Claiming His Prize

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ElleMThomas By ElleMThomas Completed

*This is a mature romance with adult themes including language, sex and general themes*

Twenty three year old Frankie Nolan is an artist and she has just won a prestigious prize.
When she, along with her two best friends attend the glittering party held in the building she has won the right to publicise she is excited and scared because the prize and the night are big.
Frankie is shy and scared of letting people in because if she chooses the wrong people to share with she stands to lose everything she has built to keep her secrets buried.
As she mingles with other guests she has an encounter with Adam, a handsome and slightly older man who has his sights clearly set on her and she is powerless to resist his charms. He makes her open up with no effort and as she explains that she didn't even want to enter the competition to publicise Mallory City Scene she goes as far as to describe her image of Mr Mallory as 'fifty five, balding, middle age spread with an overindulged wife and kids at home while he uses his position and money to address his erectile dysfunction with a combination of little blue pills and high class hookers', much to Adam's amusement.
Her own amusement ends abruptly when Mr Mallory is revealed as Adam.
From the second he set eyes on Francesca Adam Mallory knew he had to have her and when he kissed her and touched her then the deal was done for him, she would be his. He intended to take full advantage of her prize and manipulate the details to his own advantage until he knew each and every single secret she kept hidden, no matter how dark, dangerous and disturbing.
So, the real question, who will be the winner and exactly what or who is the prize?

darkhorse001 darkhorse001 Nov 19, 2016
I'm guessing you'll find out soon enough that he doesn't need the little blue pills 😏😉
Haha, she is instantly attracted to him.
                              It is good and it is bad.
KarlaYPea KarlaYPea Jan 16
@ElleMThomas so far your book is amazing!! I love it already. I will once I'm hooked I can't stop and welp. I'm hooked 😂
Well, it's better off they are not a couple. Thye already sound like great friends.
Ok, so I will be leaving a lot of dirty comment while I'm reading this book haha.
darkhorse001 darkhorse001 Nov 19, 2016
What did he say? What did he say? What did he say? *jumps up & down*