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Eyes of Fire (Gaster!Sans x Reader)

Eyes of Fire (Gaster!Sans x Reader)

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Bubbles By crying_butterflies Updated 3 days ago

His eyes were like fire. Amber. Dangerous. But they intrigued me. The flames of his soul danced and encased my heart. Needless to say that I didn't mind.

Elite_Me101 Elite_Me101 Jan 29
Pshhh crying? ME? My eyes are leaking that's all i'm not crying!THATS THE SILLYEST THING IN WORLD HAHAHAHAHHA..hah..ha.h(Laughfter turns into tears)AHHHHHH *Crys uncontrobly*
Wow! Only first chapter and I already love this book!!! •w• •e•
I'M NOT CRYING WHAT'RE YOU TALKING ABOUT *goes and cries in corner*
Queen-Madi Queen-Madi Feb 19
That moment when anytime you see numbers or odd letters you automatically think it's a cypher of code 😂😂
Sans_UNDERTALE_ Sans_UNDERTALE_ Nov 26, 2016
I'm hi with the feels, but I can cry.... WHY MUST I BE LIKE THIS?!?!?
                              oh yea, cause I've been through this with my cat before
                              *a tear slips down her cheek*
                              shes in a better place now
Queen-Madi Queen-Madi Feb 19
Seriously, are these numbers codes. Because this is going to bother me. They don't fit any codes I've memorized and it's annoying me ò_ó