Eyes of Fire (Gaster!Sans x Reader)

Eyes of Fire (Gaster!Sans x Reader)

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His eyes were like fire. Amber. Dangerous. But they intrigued me. The flames of his soul danced and encased my heart. 

It was needless to say that I didn't mind.


I'm not calling you a liar, but I was really shocked when I read this! Your narration, grammar and way of describing things look super professional! //sorry if I have some misspelling, English is not my native language uwu
laliplier laliplier Mar 21
That moment when i want to un-lock a secret code to everything
WHAT?!?? Your story, that I've read so far, has great grammar and you describe things you want the reader to picture in their mind perfectly! So, so far, it's great! ( oh and it's also very intriguing :3)
If I could only... eat my mother's noodle soup.(cuz i like it)
Wow! Only first chapter and I already love this book!!! •w• •e•
Queen-Madi Queen-Madi Feb 19
That moment when anytime you see numbers or odd letters you automatically think it's a cypher of code 😂😂