Ravishing (Ziam)

Ravishing (Ziam)

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disha By softzbaby Updated Jul 16, 2017

[ O N G O I N G]




delightful; entrancing.

He's breathing hot into the deep valley on the beautiful curve of zayn's back, swollen bottom lip dragging kisses and smooching bruises into the swell of his arse, the little dots at the small of his back are fascinating them to no end. 

"You feel so good, sweetheart" 

The exact replica of his alpha stares Zayn in the eyes, his mouth set into a thin line and his hand is hovering over zayn's thighs, his fingers twitching, unsure to touch him and zayn bites his lip, the spark of something in Liam's eyes makes zayn squirm. 

"You can touch, Liam" 

His alpha is murmuring, his thick fingers wrapping around Liam's wrist to drag his hands on the paleness of zayn's inner thighs over the marks of his fading bruises formed by his alpha's mouth. Liam's hands are shaking and zayn can see the flashbacks flooding into his eyes and the way his eyes are watering. 

(Where the Payne's are a set of twins who disagree to bow in front of anyone except for zayn)


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ashahahahahahahehehe ashahahahahahahehehe Nov 24, 2017
Only Zayn could look attractive with literally anything
                              Actually I stand corrected, Harry can too
Disasterology_1008 Disasterology_1008 Jul 21, 2017
Awww his puppy eyes 😢..... Still looks like a sex god tho
BlacXsheep1412 BlacXsheep1412 Oct 11, 2016
I find Payne twins for a long time. Great story ! Wanna see what happen after that.