Lust {#wattys2016}

Lust {#wattys2016}

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Mildred By BabyMillz Completed

Rated R! 18! 

I ran my hands over my thighs and arms, pulling my dress up and exposing my stocking clad legs as I do so. My hands wander over my body in time to the music, over my stomach and then my breasts, feeling the hot skin under my fingers.

I peel my dress down, exposing my heaving breasts as I do so, pushed up by the basque, then lower until it falls to the floor. I step out of it, my body still moving to the music, my  hands running over my stocking glad thighs. I can feel my pussy juices dampening the material of my panties, and I can hear the blood pumping in my ears as I get more excited. I run my hands over my breasts, pushing them up and squeezing them through the soft material of the basque.

I climb on to the bed, and kneel there, still caressing my body. I cannot help myself now, I let the sensations and music fill me as I kneel there shamelessly showing off my assets. My fingers rub over the thin material covering my moist pussy and a gasp escapes my lips. My pussy is tingling now, and my lips are parted as I breath heavily

I pull at my nipples, twisting them gently sending sharp shocks through my body. I lift them up and lick each in turn. I have never felt so hot, and so slutty, all I want is pleasure now. I push one hand into my panties and run a finger over my pussy, feeling the juices leaking out of me.

I push my finger inside myself and then suck it into my mouth, tasting my own musky juices, something I have never done before. I keep pinching and squeezing my breasts with one hand while sucking on my finger. I feel something rising deep inside me, and I moan quietly. then suddenly a small orgasm makes me gasp out loud, and there is a rush of moistness down my thighs. My panties are now soaked with my pussy's wetness, and I push my fingers back inside them, running them over my now gaping pussy lips

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MoeWest335 MoeWest335 Apr 15
Mmm i love me some dick daddy u can me all the time and ill lick all the cum off ur dick
- - Sep 24, 2016
well- that is how it can be - most wish it could LOL  It was so sweet to hear how you can feel the alluring joy of a monster attack with best outcomes4 u! .... so seductively narrated! ! Had me swallowing hard and more!!  Silky description  Mildred....more!
QuarterToSix QuarterToSix Dec 07, 2016
How had she been married to him longer than she's known him? 13 years vs 7 years
- - Sep 24, 2016
Too good to be true- if only that was me LOL - sweetly crafted Mildred- damn you are so seductively good.... more... ^^
DriftedDarkness DriftedDarkness Dec 07, 2016
This sexually awesome. I like how you got into her mind and the way she was thinking of this experience. "Farting sound" lol
ChaosStrom ChaosStrom Jul 15
The maximum size for a dick in real life is thirteen point five inches long