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The Trials of Pregnancy

The Trials of Pregnancy

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Ziam Amour By ZiamAmour Completed

"I've loved you for 6 years, there's nothing you can tell me that will make me leave you."
"I promise."
"I'm pregnant. Bet you weren't expecting that, were you?"

Or: Zayn is one of the biggest singers in the world right now and has a faithful non-famous boyfriend called Liam. Zayn always misses Liam when he's away working so one day he accidentally leaves Liam with something to remind him of him: a baby.

Includes pregnant Liam, famous Zayn, boy pussy Liam and loads of Zayn doting on Liam as he goes through the trials of pregnancy.

1D_Directioner11 1D_Directioner11 Dec 04, 2016
That eliminates the concept of boyxboy but I still love it 😍❤️😁
malik-payne malik-payne Oct 08, 2016
i want, i would, right there, no control, olivia, and pillowtalk/drunk
xzixamx xzixamx Oct 01, 2016
love you goodbye/ what a feeling / you and i / moments / 18 and and others
gayziiam gayziiam Dec 22, 2016
everyone is saying "Liam isnt a boy bceuase he is getting pregnant." im just ITS CALLED FICTION, HES A GUY BUT HE CAN STILL GET PREGNANT DAMN CHILL
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cesonn cesonn Dec 12, 2016
So is Liam like trans? Like he was born a girl so he still has girl parts?