Siren         (a Gaara love story)

Siren (a Gaara love story)

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Liiran is a siren. she's grown up her whole life knowing that she could create a replica of this thing called love, but never saw the real thing. when her only almost-not-quite friend Gaara of the sand begins to experience confusing emotions towards her. As the two get closer Liiran begins to believe again, but what happens when Orochimaru finds her? or when she falls in Love? how about when someone she needs dies? can Liiran handle the stress of the Kunoichi life? read to find out. ;)

  • anbu
  • death
  • gaara
  • heir
  • ibiki
  • kakashi
  • kissing
  • liiran
  • love
  • naruto
  • nightmare
  • siren
  • song
- - Dec 20, 2017
That would be actually cool, can you picture it, make your crush fall in love with you, make your teacher gives you straight A+, make everyone likes you, be the world's most popular person or even the next president, queen or king?
- - Dec 20, 2017
You could have put like one more, so it wouldn't be so weird.
                              Like, second paragraph and I am already expecting a lemon.
- - Dec 20, 2017
Plot Twist: Gaara actually has to wear glasses, but doesn't like to, so the whole anime he puts one color of lenses, and this fanfic he puts another colors, because he thought it would be cool.
                              There, now, nobody fight, please.
- - Dec 20, 2017
See? My plot twist was right! While he was fighting, he put blue green contacts!
EleanorCatherS EleanorCatherS Jun 06, 2017
I'm still crying over Remembered light,The second book to another Gaara love story
shizukesa shizukesa Apr 14, 2017
What's the age difference now between Shikamaru and Temari. I didn't know he went for older women 😏😏😏