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Josephine Oloaga By Just_Josie Updated Jan 27

My fingers clench against his arms, nails digging into the skin just as he nips at my neck, he uses his tongue to soothe over the soft sting before repeating the process.

I shiver as his teeth seem to prick my skin a bit more harder, his breathing more harsher. "Your making this way more harder for me." 

My body is so lost in the sensation, my head high in the clouds no longer seeing reason as I lose myself in him. Like an addict I grip him tighter, his hand sliding down the side of my body, slowly. 

My pants leave me in a hot mess as I grip his hair in my hands, his hand on the way to where I need him the most, inbetween my thighs.

I'm too far gone to even argue, too far gone to be embarressed that I am gushing. At this point I understand the meaning of what lust is, for I am now feeling lust firsthand. 

"Please" echos in my mind as I lift my hips against his big hand. In some way, he hears me, his hand sliding under the shirt and over my panties. 

Just like that, he closes over me his fingers brushing over me in a quick, swift pass, and just like that I crumble.

My hips lift off the bed just as Kane's teeth pierce into my neck.

My eyes snap open, as my lips open on a silent scream, no longer in lust but in pain.

But only one single word echos throughout my mind as his teeth stay sinked into my skin.


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sweet_nightingale214 sweet_nightingale214 Aug 02, 2017
I thought they were leaving with the way she was acting!!!!!!!!😂😂😂
Okay so this is the dad of the future alpha I assume. Odd to show his point of view in the beggining.
I knew it sounded too much like a good bye!!!!! I just had that feeling they were gonna die somehow
sarahloverado sarahloverado Sep 24, 2016
I can't wait to start reading! As soon I found out I clicked on the book. No doubt this will be just as good as your other book!💖💖
sarahloverado sarahloverado Sep 25, 2016
This one line always reminds me of Gaston from The  Beauty and the Beast for some reason 💛💙