The Dancer's Nurse

The Dancer's Nurse

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Book 2 of Nurse Series


He swallowed, feeling nothing but the swirl of water around their bodies and the way it felt to hear his name roll off of her lips. A shudder went through his body as he struggled to maintain the distance between them.

"No," his teeth gritted and he pulled back, trying to ignore the sinking feeling as Rhodessa's face fell. Water lapped against his bare chest, failing to soothe his thundering heartbeat.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. 

He pulled away, more than distance growing between them as his strong strokes took him to the other end of the pool. She sighed, head dipping into the water as she followed, arms gliding smoothly just beneath the surface.

Although her body was healing, the pain she'd caused him seemed like it never would. 


When Aimee Coleman is involved in a serious car accident, not only is her own world thrown into question, but also that of her protective twin brother, Alex. 

Already battling with a shadowy past, Alex's demons are brought further into light when he blames himself for not being there to take care of his twin. The accident brings up a guilt that has simmered below the surface of his thin mask for years, and if that wasn't enough, he's about to take on a patient that will either make, or break him. 

Rhodessa Lane.

The girl who put his sister in hospital.

Cover by @Ironic-Faith (you need to check this talented woman out!)

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Mickey_Micks Mickey_Micks Jun 02, 2017
I just stopped reading Sins child so I am weirdly freaked out
RiyaPandit RiyaPandit May 28, 2017
omggggggggggg it's amiee *just finished the blind mans nurse and onto this one*
mariavivi2001 mariavivi2001 Oct 29, 2017
Just reading the description already had me feeling bad for Alex because he was so sweet when he was young!
EphemeralDreams EphemeralDreams Nov 23, 2017
Okay maybe I need time between the first book and this one cause WHAT THE DAMN HELL?!!! I ain’t ready to see Aimee hurt that way and they’re all big aaahhhhhh I love them!! And I’m about to cry so see you in a few days..........who and am I kidding I’m going to read
LeMarie1 LeMarie1 Mar 08, 2017
Dude I been wanting to read a story with this type of plot forever! Thank you for writing this!
ashleerae2 ashleerae2 Nov 11, 2016
Haha oh I can't wait to check this out! Also if you checked out my book "Bet me" that'd make my freakn day :)