Roommates With The Player (Unedited)

Roommates With The Player (Unedited)

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Dan trash #1 By ms__chanandler_bong Updated Jun 10

What would you do if your first love hurts you in a way you can never be mended again?will you have the courage to trust or love again?

That 18 year old socially awkward girl is Zoe Davis.She thinks she has the most lovable boyfriend ever.But will he stay the same?

What will happen when she meets one of the college's hottest guys,Brent Adams who happens to be be a player?will her life stay the same or will it take a drastic turn?

Yep,this is one of those cliché teen fic stories but tighten your seatbelts people,cause this shit is about to get real.

  • college
  • dorm
  • friends
  • love
  • romance
  • roommate
  • roommates
  • school
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citrus_squad_2413 citrus_squad_2413 Oct 15, 2016
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That was nice. But i feel like Hayden and Hayley dont have a healthy relationship cuz of her game. But whatevs.
Logan192715 Logan192715 Dec 15, 2016
I'm guessing drastic turn or this story wouldn't be very eventful