One Call Away. (A Jack Maynard FanFiction) (ONHOLD)

One Call Away. (A Jack Maynard FanFiction) (ONHOLD)

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Jeanette 😘 By FanFictionWorld113 Completed

Mandy Mitchell is the childhood  friend of Conor Maynard, they plastered each other in mud and had baths together even! Then one day, Mandy is in Australia when she sees Conor's Instagram on her feed and she gets in contact with his again and she moves back over to the UK to see him. There is where she met Jack.

Read More To Find Out In One Call Away.

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XoXoYoutubeGirly XoXoYoutubeGirly Nov 28, 2017
Nice story, you should check mine out. Riptide -
lenam16 lenam16 Sep 24, 2016
@FanFictionWorld113 Girl!! stfu! this is beyond incredible! There is deffo going to be a huge shoutout to this!!!
ThatcherJoeFan1991 ThatcherJoeFan1991 Sep 29, 2016
I love this it's really cool how you got somebody famous to see this