Dear Heart, Why him ?

Dear Heart, Why him ?

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~Lizzy~ By Epic_Muffin_Bro Updated Nov 15, 2016

•Cover not owned by me, only edited, swearing will be used•

Garroth was a shy boy, he never really was able to talk easily to 'new' people, and got bullied A LOT. He was quite short for his age and had a petite body, it didn't help that he had a very 'girly' face, and most people teased for being 'girly' and looking a lot like a girl. He was only thirteen and life couldn't be any worse, seeing as his mum also died. And his father walked out on them...

So he moved in with his all time best friend, Laurence. Laurence was seventeen, lived in his own house, and was the exact opposite of Garroth. He was the high school dream boat for all the girls-- and apparently Garroth too... But will Garroth admit it ? Nope. Garroth doesn't really understand his own feelings and tries to play it all off that he just loved Laurence like a close brother. 

But Laurence isn't okay with that, since in all honesty, he loved the smaller boy. He didn't want to make any advancements, just because he felt like it was unfair for Garroth. Plus his reputation at school was way to good to screw up, and he didn't want Garroth to get an even harder time at school. On top of that, the age difference wasn't in their favor...

This is a cute, humorous, and just relaxing love story. Mostly for lighthearted people, though there are dark times, your heart may explode of cuteness throughout this.

IF YOU DO NOT LIKE BOY X BOY LEAVE NOW, You have been warned.

ThatLittleNerdyKit ThatLittleNerdyKit Nov 17, 2016
Garroth, you will never understand our dirty minded community...
The_fire_fox_ The_fire_fox_ 3 days ago
(Laurance's Point of view)
                              "Tickle me Laurance~" Garroth spoke, his hot breath warming my ear. "Okay cutie~, anything for you."I say, pulling my shirt off.
ThatLittleNerdyKit ThatLittleNerdyKit Nov 17, 2016
*digs Garroth's grave*
                              Pfft, you think I'm never prepared? Please, I'm prepared.
ThatLittleNerdyKit ThatLittleNerdyKit Nov 17, 2016
D'aww, Laurance has a crush
                              Laurance: nO I DONT
                              Stop lying boy.
                              Laurance: Grr...
MARY1359 MARY1359 Oct 06, 2016
I love this.
                              u don't even know this is ADORABLEEEEEEEE YYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Also I thought of Dan and Phil for a while because of 'best friends' and 'age difference' lol
MCDBreadLoaf MCDBreadLoaf Oct 06, 2016
Help me I'm dying inside agh *screech bc I'm a huge fan of all of your works bc you great author~senpai*