Forbidden Lovers: The Vampire Princess {Gajevy} {Fairy Tail}

Forbidden Lovers: The Vampire Princess {Gajevy} {Fairy Tail}

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Deedee Crawford By XdillydillyX Completed

The werewolves and vampires have never gotten along. Battles upon battles between the two have left the werewolves in hiding in fear of the vampires. For years they have been planning against the vampires and trying to find a way to win the war once and for all. The best way? Steal away their best asset, the young Princess Levy of the McGarden Coven. The only problem is that they make the mistake of not killing the girl, and when she and the werewolf leader, Gajeel of the Redfox pack, get to know each other... enemies isn't something they would consider themselves. Werewolf and vampire love if forbidden. 

~Contains sexual content (Chapter Seven)~

~I do not own Fairy Tail or any of its characters. This is ONLY fanfiction!~

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dalek21 dalek21 Mar 26, 2017
Ironic it's like he's every special oc ever live in a fanfiction😅
PsychoKittyMeowMeow PsychoKittyMeowMeow Sep 25, 2016
I love it! I canf wait for the next chapters to come out! Definately a book I'll stuck to no doubt.
Ozi_Girl_16 Ozi_Girl_16 Sep 29, 2016
*claps fast* Is this a badass levy story... I LOVE BADASS LEVY... ive been searching for one for ages! Thanks author-chan!
XdillydillyX XdillydillyX Sep 24, 2016
@Empress-Eris Oh my goodness that's so sweet! Thank you I'm seriously blushing. o////o
Ozi_Girl_16 Ozi_Girl_16 Sep 29, 2016
*dirty mind activated* No no no Bad sexy imagination *face palm*
Nerdy_4_Life Nerdy_4_Life Sep 25, 2016
Already likes you, Levy. SMH, Shrimp are irresistible to Gajeels XD