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Ellie has been not-quite-flirting with her housemate’s friend Mia, and not really thinking too much about it, until one day Mia offers to follow through on the flirting.  Ellie is surprised, but decides she’d like to try, and slowly a relationship begins to evolve.  Mostly a physical relationship, and a confused relationship, but it seems to work for both of them.

Um, oops, so I forgot to change this part.  I'm sorry!  So this is finished for now, but might come back later, and sorry if that seems to be kind of teasey.  Because, erm, well, it is…

And also, so this is now made into ebooks, which are now on Amazon and Smashwords and other places.  And as paper on Amazon.  Should anyone care about that, because if you're reading this right now you've  probably realized you can read it on Wattpad...  so um, yeah.  That doesn't quite make sense...

But!  Just to be clear, all the words are exactly the same, there's no difference or anything, so don't think it's been edited or something.  And just to be confusing they’re called Touching Mia and Tasting Mia, because it all went a long way away from being about housemates, really.  And two books, because this got really long.  

So anyway...
Touching Mia -
Tasting Mia -

And thank you for looking!  And thank you to everyone who's reading it, I'm incredibly grateful!  And I hope you enjoy!  That's all.

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                              JUST DO IT
                              MAKE UR DREAMS COME TRUE
                              eh?no?anyone?ok then....
be_amused_by_me be_amused_by_me Mar 24, 2017
I like how Mia acted so casually, probably the right thing to do if you hook up with someone who doesn't have any experience. Lol to avoid freaking them out 🤔
beyonceschancla beyonceschancla Aug 07, 2016
I like how this story is written is different somehow refreshing
letmeslip letmeslip Mar 05, 2016
honey_blossom1 honey_blossom1 Feb 08, 2016
I freaking LOVE your use of the word Dickhead in your books. So very Ozzie.