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Among The Wolf [ Wolfiplier x Child Reader ]

Among The Wolf [ Wolfiplier x Child Reader ]

15.1K Reads 756 Votes 13 Part Story
Void By -VoidSam Completed

You and your family where up at a family cabin, enjoying your vacation. What happens when your older brother tricks you into walking into the woods? You get lost of course. Alone and scared, you wander through the dark forest. Full of fear you run deeper as the night falls. But what you didn't know that you were being watched, by something or someone who comes to your aid. You soon become attached to this creature. 

This is my second YouTube fanfic so please be nice. I do not tolerate people criticizing my writing. So with the that do enjoy Among the Wolf
-cover art belongs to rightful owner-

The only criticism I'll do is spelling, I'm sorry I get triggered by it
* Starts to sing "Hello" from Adele. ( Just to say hello) *
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RooBlu2 RooBlu2 Dec 21, 2016're a jerk -.-
                              I don't have a brother in real life though..just sisters
FemaleMeme FemaleMeme Dec 21, 2016
Awww, this reminds me off the time when I was younger. I'd play outside, and just feel free, enjoying g what nature has for me, but now a days a teen, I stay I doors all day, complaining over school, and reading fanfics :/ makes me miss my young childhood ;^; but I love he story.
Apollosmoon Apollosmoon Dec 17, 2016
My brother's name us Alex, and he is about as much of a douchebag as this here motherfucker.
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