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H By saintye Updated Apr 29, 2017

Stephanie is hated by her parents and her pack. Then one day she's banished and made a rogue. But what Stephanie doesn't know is she's not who she thinks she is and it's time for her to find out.

Cover made by: @saintye

#294 in Werewolf and rising

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mistaqua mistaqua Jun 05, 2017
The title sounds like a type of medicine... Like Allegra or something
                              I'm not judging the author, just pointing something out
lemvnade lemvnade Sep 29, 2016
I see some potential in this story. One thing I would do, though, is go back and establish a setting. It's not very clear where anything is really taking place. You've established a conflict and the characters involved, but we don't know what they look like either. Maybe use a bit more description?
lemvnade lemvnade Sep 29, 2016
You probably could have just written out a description of this happening.
Lickerfish Lickerfish Sep 26, 2016
Wow I am loving this story so far <3 excellent work of art <3 can you please check out my story I just updated it please vote for it thank you
annalux annalux Oct 03, 2016
I love your story, keep up the hard work!! Could you please read mine?
lemvnade lemvnade Sep 29, 2016
Omega is usually the lowest patch ranking. Do you mean Luna?