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The Populars

The Populars

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chocoholic_amanda By chocoholic_amanda Updated Dec 31, 2016

They are wealthy, they are talented, they have the best of all clothes, they are tall, fit and hot. They have everything they need.

They are the reason for all the gossips. 

Everybody wants to be friends with them. Everybody wants to be them.

They rule the school.

Who are they?

They are 'The Populars'.

And you better not cross their path.


Sarcastic and arrogant Amanda's boring life becomes interesting when a green eyed boy comes into her life like a wrecking ball. So what happens when he challenges her elder brother for the captain's position on the very first day of school and if that wasn't enough he joined the Matheltes.
A jock in a Mathletes, weird isn't it? 

Read my very first book on wattpad to face all the challenges that come in to Amanda's life. 

I suck at descriptions but I promise that the story gets a lot better ahead.

Amanda Fields ❤

#85 in Teen Fiction. 29/12/16

Cover by: @sun-down

Cuz that brown hair guy be so hot that everyone got the cause fo global warming wrong. It ain't greenhouse gases. It's the f-ing boy.
"I don't like it.... I love it!" -me singing
If she's an actual women, she would know best to turn all of your ugly a** faces DOWN.
iamthequeenoffailure iamthequeenoffailure Dec 18, 2016
matte black Ferrari my a**
                              My mom would be like to me, "Where? From the dollar store?"
BookWormQueen14 BookWormQueen14 Oct 09, 2016
Cool chapter and characters! :) Maybe she has had a thing with him before.... :) hahaha :)