All The World A Stage

All The World A Stage

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Luke Frederiks By ExiledRanger Completed

A griping origin story of Mattory, All The World A Stage promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, with twists and turns around every corner. Read as Matt and Mallory come closer through numerous heart-testing challenges to find true love for each other. 

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I enjoyed it! Welcome to our strange little corner of the fanfic internet ;)
*sirens blaring* someone call the fire department because sparks are beginning to fly!
Ah I see you've joined the dark side. Don't tell me you're actually surprised that we lied about the cookies? Btw I love it so far!
Ooh I love it so far. And I really like the third person view too!
The last sentence in italics kind of reminded me of a choose your own adventure book. Anyway, wouldn't a Studio C one of those be awesome?