Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

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All this substance abuse, I need substance from you...

Started September 23rd 2016

Finished November 25th 2016

sierraxvo sierraxvo Nov 18
i'm glad she ain't in denial about the love her grandma gives
I think this book is really good so far,lemme keep reading😩👀
Me while I'm at school haven't been in there all over a minute, and I'm saying in my head "I'm ready to go home and get in my bed ". that's all I think about all day half of the time, I don't be paying half attention to what my teacher be saying I be so zoned out .
A nigga would've been at that counter like drip drop, drip drippity drop
Like corn in the cob, check in with me and do your job, last on the bed and give me head! Ayye💀💀
Laurenrubyx Laurenrubyx Nov 10
I'm gunna cry all over again at the thought of my baby hurting 😭