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England's Journal

England's Journal

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☆小四郎☆ By -Koshirou Updated Feb 12

Hello welcome to my Journal. America told every countries to write every problems and more in a book, which what you are seeing now.

You can request, I can tell you stories about my past life as a pirate, and many more. I don't think America will even do this. Thus he will come to me and say things like "Are you putting your girly-life in your Diary? " Completely forgetting he was the one who said that all of us will write. 

... Bloody Fat-Hamburger-Eating Git. 

• • •

You can ask/Dare me too.. But not.. Like kiss the bloody frog. Hope you enjoy. And down forget to Follow me! And I was hoping reaching 1k followers so help me. 

• • •

I am the Author, roleplaying as Arthur Kirkland or England. You can see me on England books because he is talking about me sometimes. Hope you enjoy his books and don't forget to follow us! 


IucieI IucieI Oct 27, 2016
Isn't looking yourself up on the internet a little egotistical, Iggy?
waterviking4 waterviking4 Oct 25, 2016
Oh lord England! Great now I have to take care of that pervert of a father
decemberrocks decemberrocks Sep 25, 2016
Well, it's called IMAGINATION, Arthur, and at least be nice about it -3-
-Unknown-Author- -Unknown-Author- Oct 14, 2016
Get used to it. Fandoms are weird. ( I'm one of the weird ones but with other characters. Yay?) But, I can see you reading those France x readers over there Sherlock!
Xxlittle-elliexX Xxlittle-elliexX Sep 24, 2016
I would be disgusted too....romance and all that crap is just...grrr no just plz no