The Illusion (Book Two in The Illusion of Certainty Series)

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Sarah By SCCourtney Completed
After her near death experience at the beginning of the semester, Georgiana Vertigo is trying to move on with her life. She takes several steps to make this happen, dating the reformed playboy Aidan Hanover, staying as far away from a certain Vampire named Michael, and of course acting like a normal teenage girl.
    But when her Vampire decides it’s best for him leave, Georgiana’s world is thrown back into orbit.
    With the constant threat of the old Vampire Master and the thought of the future, all she wants is for everything to stop spinning.
    However, by the time the ride ends, Georgiana is left with a huge betrayal, a stronger bond, and even more blood loss than she can ever hope to imagine.
    The Illusion is the second book in The Illusion of Certainty series and will leave you guessing and questioning everyone’s motives in Georgiana’s life.
I'm so excited!!! I just cant hide it! c'mon c'mon lets read these book 2!!!!
Damn girl! You should definitely have more recognition. This is really really good! Dayum. Just finished the Beginning, and I cant wait to start reading this! :D
I am about to start the 2nd book, I seriously think that you should try to get these published, there's suspense, drama, plot twists, and a great author, thank you for writing this and putting it on wattpad
I very much look fwd to reading more I enjoyed this immensely
Love the cover @!
                                    And I am totally so ready for the 2nd ride of the Series ;) 
                                    WooooHoooo let the good n yea bad times roll. But was it good without bad, such is life right?