The Guardian

The Guardian

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Cadence has no place to call home, no family to call her own. For as long as she can remember she's been a rogue. She wishes it weren't the way of things, but she learned long ago you can't always get what you wish for. So, instead of throwing herself a pity party, she accepts what she is, and what she has and moves forwards, hoping, even praying that tomorrow will be a better day than the one before. She trust's pack's just as much as pack's trust rouges. She sticks to the middle of no man's land avoiding all pack's and as many rogues as possible. The only person, she has even close to being family or friend is Mac. He's the one who found her and has protected her or at least tried too until she was able to care for herself. And, even in her peaceful little area she knows that unexpected things, do happen. 

Connor Slade is a well known Alpha of the Howler pack. He doesn't have much to do with the other pack's because honestly, he doesn't need them. His only responsibility is to take care of his pack, and make sure they are provided for. At nearly thirty, he's yet to find his mate, and he doesn't care or wouldn't if his mother didn't hound him on the subject since he had turned eighteen. He even went to search the surrounding pack's, but still he hadn't found her. All mate business was put on hold, when his eight year old brother goes missing. Now, he'll stop at nothing to find him, and return him to his desperate mother.

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Amazing cover by @SweetishLove

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SUPER EXCITED!! Description seemed great; didn't give me the impression of being just another cliche werewolf book. Can't wait!
                              P.S. That's a lot of silent readers...
popcan24 popcan24 Apr 04
I hate to be that person but : Pack's, trust's. Apostrophe's like that are only used when showing ownership or claim.  it should be : She trusts packs, as much as packs trust rogues.
Fluffy_Wolfs_Lover Fluffy_Wolfs_Lover Sep 28, 2016
I haven't read it yet but still my name is Cadence in real life!!!!!!