LeftOvers - How to Become a SuperVillain and Take Over the World

LeftOvers - How to Become a SuperVillain and Take Over the World

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Edgar A. Malboeuf By EdgarMalboeuf Updated Dec 17, 2016

I never wanted to be a Superhero. Spandex and bright colours were never my style. I was more of a black leather and bank robberies kind of guy.

When I learned that I was one of the few that could do something beyond the ordinary, I had some choices laid out before me: become a small-time villain, pretend that everything was normal and live as a rogue, or join the Crawford Academy for the Supernaturally Talented.

My name is William Cauthon, and this is the story of how I corrupted my fellow students and became the world's greatest supervillain. That is, after I figured out how to deal with dangerous opponents, deranged superheroes, overwhelming amounts of homework, and worst of all: girls.

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networth networth Jul 02, 2017
Yeah but I'm reading it anyway, beheading isn't a big deal. Psshh
CAMalosh CAMalosh Oct 13, 2016
You had me grinning within three paragraphs. I love it so far...
Nevervane Nevervane Sep 27, 2016
Ahem, your third part seems to be in limbo between existence and nonexistence; there's a link to it but the link leads nowhere. Most cruel and unusual.
- - Sep 28, 2016
Like this a lot. Love the gritty world, sorta reminds me of mine.  The last line is gold! Sorta gives me an insight to what William will be like. Good start,
Lost0Wanderer Lost0Wanderer Oct 12, 2016
Wow I can tell that this story is big ball of sunshine and happiness
GusSellars GusSellars Sep 23, 2016
Very well done, Edgar.  The prologue established a quick interest in your story.  Chapter one has a great pace.  I enjoyed the narrator's position, flawed and very intriguing.  This is a 'marvel' idea and hope to see more of it coming.  Best wishes.