Daddy's Favorite [BWWM]

Daddy's Favorite [BWWM]

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Danny By SoCiAlLyAwKwArD1000 Updated Sep 25

Kyle, a very rich buisness man, has four adopted daughters who he loves not only emotionally but physically. Each of his girls tend to him on a sexual level. They also have different personalities, each bringing something to the table. 

There's his favorite, the leader, Nina, also the blonde of the house. Then there's his intelligent red head, Veronica also known as 'Vee'. Third is his silly, down to earth brunette, Liza and lastly, the rocker tom boy of the house, Sarah. 

Kyle loves each of his girls but is looking for something different. Something new.

Which is why he adopted Adrianna, a shy, sweet very pure African American teen. The first time he meets her, her innocence intrigues him the most. 

As days go by, Adrianna finds out that her family isn't so normal. At first she's uncomfortable but she finds herself intrigued by the world of sex, and Kyle doesn't mind pulling her into that world. 

Soon, Adrianna fits right in, but things between her and Nina start to get heated as Nina gets jealous at the fact Adrianna is becoming Daddy Kyle's favorite.

"That's A Daddy" 😍
                              Please tell me someone gets the reference🙏🏽