Captain Levi's Apology  (Levi x Eren)

Captain Levi's Apology (Levi x Eren)

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traedemistakes By traedemistakes Updated Mar 23, 2014

~ Eren Jaeger had a long day, testifying for his dear life, being beat up by Levi. Now it's the middle of the night and Levi's showing his... Soft side?~ Hehe yes it's an attack on Titan fic. enjoy! XoEm* I don't own snk I claim it not.

ToxxicKalamity ToxxicKalamity Jun 16, 2017
Boi I swear to gawd
                              *leans in too close
                              Don't ever call my child that, shorty.
Fuckyamum Fuckyamum Jul 20, 2016
I just gotta say one thing if levi was a snake he would be smelling Erens mouth
nicoprotectionsquad nicoprotectionsquad Sep 14, 2016
Eren: *goes to answer door*
                              Eren: *opens door but nobody's there*
                              Eren: wtF I HAYE WHEN THIS HAPPENS GADGEOGHJFDJ
                              Levi: *comes out of shadows in corner of the room*
                              Levi: *same bored tone as usual* Surprise, motherfucker
Queen_of_weebs Queen_of_weebs Jul 08, 2016
THE BASEMENT! ;_; o no not this again.... you know how hard my friends and I tried NOT to Remeber the basement. We had a group chat on what is probably in the basement at 1 am and the group chat ended at 8 am
EmmaLicksYou EmmaLicksYou Sep 29, 2016
Jean isn't half the man he used to be without Marco.
                              Marco was Jeans other half.
nicoprotectionsquad nicoprotectionsquad Sep 14, 2016
Back in heaven
                              When freckled Jesus' should be
                              Waiting for their valiant horses
                              To be by their side 
                              Until then
                              They watch the battle called life from afar
                              And watch Jean be in pain
                              Because now he's gone